The Great Hellmess of 2015

So I have a story to tell.

My daughter is knitting her first sweater. To make the love of this first sweater solidify her desire to knit more of them, we made it a customfit sweater. She’s been cruising along, following her pattern, and asking lots of very intelligent questions.

She got all the way to the neck bind off row when she asks, “Should I be concerned that the bust dart stitch markers aren’t the same distance from the edge? One stitch marker is 15 stitches from the edge. The other is 28 stitches from the edge.”

Um yes. Be concerned.

After much deliberation, photos, and long-distance troubleshooting, she sends me this:

Photo on right is correct. Photo on left is not.

72 rows ago, her stitch marker fell out, and she put it back in, thought nothing of it, and worked 11 bust increases. You can’t leave a bust dart in the wrong place like that. You just can’t.

24 stitches at the top, 13 stitches at the bottom

After six long hours, with much cursing under my breath and soothing of an anxious teenage heart, I did it.


Today, I am a knitting GODDESS. I deserve coffee and a medal. Maybe even a medal made of chocolate.


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