Binding off circular knits

After working so very hard on my Dutchess sweater, the last thing I want to do is finish it off with a less than excellent bind-off. My go-to finishing detail takes a little extra work, but it’s worth every second. TECHknitting provided three options depending on your comfort and time dedication.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Kitchener Stitch

When it comes to kitchener stitch, there are two resources I use every time. The first is Suzi’s Knits: Musings on kitchener mantras. Here is the meat of what she has to say:

Here’s what I discovered. There is, in fact, an ULTIMATE kitchener mantra. Its the one I long ago rejected as just taking too much thought, but it will ALWAYS WORK, even in ribbing.


Same, off; Opposite, on.


What that means is, you look at the stitch you’re about to put your needle through. If it’s a purl, same = purl, opposite = knit. If its a knit, then same = knit, opposite = purl. You always (at least I always) kitchener right to left, the opposite of reading. You ALWAYS make your first stitch on the needle your yarn is NOT coming from, pass the needle thru opposite of the stitch leaving it on the needle, then go to the starting side, pass the needle thru opposite of that stitch, then you go into same-off opposite-on world.

She goes on to add examples of how to work different types of stitch combinations such as ribbing, reverse stockinette, garter stitch, etc. It’s really a helpful read!

My second resource is this youtube video by The Knit Witch. I love her simple way of explaining exactly how to perform the basic kitchener without any frills, bells, or unnecessary discussion on what it is, it’s entire historical development, and when to use it. Sometimes you just need a quick how-to, and this is it.

Another resource is one that reminds you of the steps you already have done, yet can’t ever remember:


What are your favorite resources for kitchener stitch or other grafting techniques?